Sound Mixer

In my past I would have considered myself an editor first. There were many days and nights spent in post-production, where sometimes they need to "fix it post." Usually that was with sound. What I learned from editing was sound became an essential part of production. A lot of projects I worked on wanted me to fix the sound. Instead I choose to be that solution by becoming a sound mixer on set. Now almost 5 years working in the sound department, I found the position that suites me well. Today I would consider myself production sound as my main expertise.


Top Photographer

 Finalists will compete in a reality series competition of photography challenges to become TOP PHOTOGRAPHER. Hosted by Nigel Barker, and featuring a variety of guest judges from the industry. Here I was credited as Sound Supervisor, in charge of the whole sound department with a team of 3. Not only was I capturing and recording audio, but there was a live output towards a viewing audience. The whole season can be watched on Adorama's Youtube channel.

Pearson Education

This production had 7 actors speaking, each with a lav attached to them. I was sound mixer and boom operator. This clip is about a group of co-worker's talking about a smoking in the office.

Coffee Break

A fun comedy about office workers playing a game where things get a little to far. Here my work was show cases the action and narrative audio capturing for production. 

Exiled out East

"Exiled out East" is a Female-Centric Comedy Web Series about a famed New York Party Planner who commits a very public 'faux pas’ and is exiled to her Southampton mansion where she must social-climb back to the top. Her first comeback assignment: to throw a party for the Halitosis Prevention Foundation.

Somewhere in the Middle (Feature)

Four lovers collide into each others' lives as one marriage morphs into several intertwining affairs. Here I did Sound Mixer and occasionally had a Boom Operator to help with through out this production.

Citibank Promotion with Neil Patrick Harris

Neil Patrick Harris was promoting a Citibank card. We interviewed and helped promote the show "Sleep No More." I was hired to do sound mixing and had the honor to mic Neil.